A brand new Helianto Project

Helianto has a new vision. It has turned into an open source collection of Docker-ized applications – the equivalent of independently deployable cloud services – aimed to help software building teams to produce better, faster, and more reliable Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). MVPs by definition are incomplete products in constant evolution, they are pieces of software that are crucial during the exploratory phase of new product introduction.

After the new approach, we expect that local innovation ecosystems benefit from improved investor confidence and, therefore, a greater value to be invested locally in more new businesses. The big advantage will certainly come to startup founders, who will be able to learn from a richer customer experience since the first MVP. The major improvement to developers is the opportunity to start the MVP from a distinguished code base, making less effort while keeping the focus on the actual value proposition features.

The Helianto components are designed to follow the latest trends in Software Architecture, including micro-services, domain driven design, and reactive development. Future services may encompass other trending technologies, such as BlockChain – the distributed safe database behind the internet currency Bitcoin – and Apache Spark – a modern artificial intelligence and machine learning library.

One key aspect of “MVP Sustainable” is to encourage teams to devise separation of what is important to validate early with the customer contrasting with any “commodity feature” available from a community repository. Competing solutions that exist only provide services partially, and do not drive community efforts to strengthen the ecosystem.

Hope you enjoy our latest work.

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