Let your team focus on what is important to your customers

Add our open source collection of Docker-ized applications to your project and see your team produce better, ahead of schedule, and more reliable Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).

Better experimentation

Teams can learn from a richer customer experience since the first MVP. The major improvement to developers is the opportunity to start the MVP from a distinguished code base, making less effort while keeping the focus on the actual value proposition features.

Modern architecture

Helianto components are designed to follow the latest trends in Software Architecture, including micro-services, domain driven design, and reactive development.

Faster builds

Encourage your team to devise separation of what is important to validate early with the customer contrasting with any “commodity feature” available from a community repository.

Stronger communities

Local innovation ecosystem may benefit from improved investor confidence and, therefore, have a greater value invested in more new businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name “Helianto”?

The first time this project was discussed, the description was made with a circle drawn on the center of a paper sheet and many "petals" around it. It showed like a sunflower, deriving the name Helianto.

Are there two different Helianto Projects?

Yes. The first development cycle started in 2004 and was intended to be a Java framework. The current project is, indeed, a family of independent projects, ready to be deployed as microservices inside Docker containers.

Where do I find the previous version?

Here at sourceforge. Previous version numbers starts with 0.x.

Is Helianto related to “MVP Sustentável” project in Brazil?

Yes, it is the same project (new version), adapted to be used in Brazil.

Will the previous version be maintained?

Yes. A group of developers using the previous Helianto Project will continue maintaining the previous version.

Where do I find the current version?

Please, search Github for projects with the prefix helianto-. The IAM module is called helianto-spring, see here.

This is our blog

Find the latest news about Helianto development.

A brand new Helianto Project

Helianto has a new vision. It has turned into an open source collection of Docker-ized applications – the equivalent of independently deployable cloud services – aimed to help software building teams to produce better, faster, and more reliable Minimum Viable Products (MVPs). MVPs by definition are incomplete products in constant evolution, they are pieces of […]

Helianto 0.5.2-RELEASE is out

0.5.2 is a maintenance release.

Helianto 0.5.1-RELEASE is out.

The changes made to 0.5.1 are a continuation of a standardization process being applied to the whole release train.

Helianto 0.4.4-RELEASE is out.

The changes made to 0.4.4 are a result from helianto being used in som other projects.